Projects Engaged In

Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Program Panel 2017 | Zambia

We participated on an agri-business panel discussing acceleration of agri-business in africa .

Global Forum For Food and Agriculture | Berlin | International Business Panel 2016

We were selected to present on the International Business panel at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture comparing business opportunities in the various continents across the globe .

Moderator Young European and African Farmers discussion. | Zambia | AGCO Future Farm Launch

We moderated a panel comparing European and African young farmers challenges and the changing dynamics in the global economic environment.

Youth Agribusiness Panel 2015| African Green Revolution Forum |

We were on the youth agri-business panel exibiting successful business models for young enterpreneurs .

AGCO Africa Agribusiness Summit 2015, 2016,2017 | Berlin

We won the AGCO Africa Ambassador competition for 2015 as the best young farmer exibiting impact in the sector in africa . We had the opportunity to moderate the AGCO summit 2015 in Berlin .

Fish Farming Training Program. Uganda | CBS | Uganda 2014

We undertook a training of over 2,000 farmers under the Buganda kingdom ,in the basics of profitable fish farming .

YARIC Youth In Agriculture Regional Inspirational Conferences Uganda. 2014 | Uganda | AgriProfocus

We participated in conceptualizing and implementation of the Youth in Agriculture Regional Inspirational Conferences to facilitate young farmers start their enterprises.


We were nominated to the Global Farmers Round Table for 2017 and 2018

Twitter Chats | Uganda | AGCO , Imuka Ventures

Opportunities For Youth in Agribusiness- AGCO Africa Ambassador . We moderated a twitter Chat engaging young agripreneurs from all over Africa on the opportunities agribusiness offers to the youth. What it takes to be a young Agripreneur – Mara Foundation. We moderated a twitter chat on the key qualities a young person should develop to become successful in agribusiness.

Africa Agri-business Academy | Ethiopia , Tanzania , Kenya

We participated in several activities to empower agribusiness enterpreneurs in Africa .

Cornell University Alliance For Science Leadership Course | Illinois | USA

We participated in the Cornell university Alliance for science leadership course aimed at empowering farmers in agribusiness advocacy .

Partners and Past Clients