We have undertaken numerous projects in the crop and livestock value chains in several countries , below are some of the projects that have we been able to implement since the company's inception :

1. Horticulture feasibility
study | Al Gedaref, Sudan | DMA Capital

We undertook a feasibility study on production of horticulture produce in the desert region of Eastern Sudan using greenhouse technology and open fields with installed irrigation systems.

2. Livestock Fattening Feasibility
study | Kassala Sudan | DMA Capital

We undertook a feasibility study on cattle, camel, sheep and goat fattening projects in Eastern Sudan. The project included a value addition facility to export the meat across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabian Markets.

3. Silverfish Processing Plant
Financing | Bullisa ,Uganda | Silver Fish Uganda Ltd.

We sourced financing for a processing plant capable of processing 40 tons of silverfish per day. Silverfish is a highly demanded protein source in production of animal feeds.

4. Farmed fish feasibility study | Rwanda

We undertook a feasibility study on farmed fish in Rwanda using fish cage technology in lakes. The study was carried out to facilitate investment in a community empowerment project aimed at empowering the youth and women groups.

5.Cattle Fattening Feasibility
Study | Somalia | King Abdi Farah Gure

We undertook a feasibility study and investment brokerage services for a cattle fattening project in Mogadishu aimed at adding value to existing large population of livestock.

6. Voice of Customer Exercise
Uganda | Allis Gleaner Corporation|

We facilitated the Voice of Customer Exercise for the Allis Gleaner Corporation (A Fortune 500 Company) in Uganda. The exercise was aimed at engaging the farmer communities and entrepreneurs in determining the key interventions in mechanization of agriculture. We facilitated the engagement with key stakeholders such as Government of Uganda.

7.Youth Agripreneurship
Research Study | Uganda | International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

We undertook a Youth Agripreneurship Study in Uganda which was aimed at conceptualizing how the stakeholders to youth engagement in agriculture can synergistically work together to boost youth engagement in agriculture.

8. Large scale farming project | Uganda | Bunyoro kingdom

We facilitated engagement of investors intending to establish a 10,000 hectare grain and soya farm in Western Uganda. We engaged the kingdom and facilitated the negotiations for land acquisition and investment.

9. Farmer Financial Cards | Uganda | Compuscan Uganda Limited

Compuscan is a recipient of a Matercard Foundation grant aimed at increasing farmer access to financial services. We facilitated the engagement of farmers to access financial cards aimed at capturing their transactions to enable them become bankable.

10. Farmer Out grower scheme | Uganda | financial Intervention for Opportunity Bank

Teso Farmers Agribusiness Center has a farmer out grower scheme of 5,000 farmers engaged in production of white sorghum for the brewery companies. Opportunity bank was seeking to determine the key interventions for the small holder farmers under the scheme. We undertook the study to determine the key financial interventions aimed at boosting farmer’s efficiency and areas of viable finance.

11. Traceability Study on
Farmed Fish | in Uganda | Belgian Embassy

We facilitated an initiative aimed at undertaking a traceability study on farmed fish in Uganda to enable Ugandan farmers access European markets.

12. Coffee value chain assessment | Uganda | AGCO

We under took a study on the coffee value chain in uganda , africas biggest coffee exporter on the investment opportunities in processing equipment .

13. Tractor franchise feasibility
study | South Sudan | AGCO

We executed a feasibility study on a Massey Ferguson tractor franchise for south sudan as well as a commercial poultry and grain farm .

14. Partnership management for coffee and grain farmer out grower schemes | Uganda | Opportunity International

We under took management of a patnership involving several organisations such as Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited , Grameen foundation , Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance and ACILA Enterprises to manage coffee and grain farmer out grower scheme of seven thousand farmers .

15. Farmer out grower scheme management for coffee grain and oil seed farmers | Uganda | Opportunity International

We are managing a farmer out grower scheme of 17,000 farmers in the coffee , grain and oil seed value chains in central and eastern uganda .

16. Beef Value Chain Project | Uganda | Seven hills Ltd

We undertook a feasibility study on the beef sector in uganda for a private sector company , seeking to setup a full integrated meat processing facility supplied by farm feedlot and out grower farmers

17. Youth Irrigation Demonstration Farm | Uganda | Opportunity International

We setup a horticulture demonstration farm for the youth farmers training urban youths in modern farming practices

18. Diary Cooperatives Assessments | Uganda | Opportunity International

We undertook a study to access the largest dairy cooperatives in uganda for recommendations of finance and investment.

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