About Us

Agribusiness presents numerous investment opportunities in Africa with a bulging skilled young population and untapped resources such as virgin fertile land, large water coverage and emerging markets as a result of a growing population and emerging middle class.

Africa Agribusiness services limited has been involved in conceptualization and implementation in a number of agricultural undertakings in both crop and livestock value chains. We have facilitated projects in produce processing , marketing and financial interventions in agribusiness across the value chains.

We have been involved in projects and programs in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan ,Sudan , Zambia ,south Africa ,Rwanda ,Germany , Netherlands and United states of America .

We are Unique, Insightful, Researched, Professional and have successfully implemented numerous agribusiness projects


Agriculture in Africa has enormous potential to fuel economic growth. Through agriculture there is potential for Africa to feed itself, eliminate hunger and food insecurity as well as become a major player in global food markets.

Africa has been identified as the world’s food reserve and the last frontier of the global green revolution with Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa employing 70% of the population.

Africa has 60% of the world’s unused arable land and statistics show that growth in the agriculture sector in Sub-Saharan Africa is up to ten times more effective in poverty alleviation as growth in other sectors.

It is against this background that we offer an array of quality services to our clients to accelerate growth and investment in the agriculture sector in Africa .


To provide the best agribusiness professional services with efficiency and integrity to ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients geared towards increased productivity and agricultural development.


Professionalism , Efficiency , Integrity , Innovation , Continuous Improvement , Accountability


To make a significant contribution to global food and nutritional security

Sustainable Development Goals

The Team

We have a uniquely assembled team of agribusiness expertise with several years experience conceptualizing and implementing a number of projects across the crop and livestock value chains

Jean Kaahwa

Jean Kaahwa

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer.

Rumanyoha Innocent

Managing Director

Managing Director.

Ritah Rochelle Kambona

Ritah Kambona

Agri-Business Resource Specialist

Agro-Industrial Specialist.

Labeja Ceasar

Labeja Ceasar

Programs Manager

Chief Executive Officer.

Najjuma Maria

Najjuma Maria

Agribusiness Facilitator

Managing Director.

Abel Kaahwa

Abel Moris Kaahwa

Research & Development Manager

Agro-Industrial Specialist.

Nicholas Oketcho

Okecho Nicholas

Agro-Industrial Specialist

Chief Executive Officer.

Atugonza Moses

Projects Coordinator

Managing Director.

Donald Baraka

Creative Manager

Agro-Industrial Specialist.

Kiyemba Trevor

Agro-Content Manager

Chief Executive Officer.

Msanvu Micheal

Assistant Agro-Content Manager

Managing Director.

Donald Ssennabulya

Sales Representative

Agro-Industrial Specialist.