Agribusiness presents vast investment opportunities in Africa with a bulging skilled young population and the highest return on investment in the world as a result of farmers shifting from agriculture to agribusiness. Its against this background that we offer services to agribusiness stake holders to foster development , interventions and investments in the sector.



We facilitate access to finance to private limited companies, cooperatives, farmer associations, SMEs and Multinationals


We facilitate access to mechanized solutions such as tractors, silos, agro-processing equipment for our clients


We undertake capacity building and trainings to impart knowledge and skills in farmers. We do trainings such as financial literacy, GAP Trainings and Post Harvest handling.

We provide services for Multinationals, aggregators and Agribusiness companies engaging a large number of farmers to supply agricultural produce. The service involves Farmer mobilization and clustering, Training and capacity building, Data capture and Reporting as well as finance and market linkages

This is where visions become reality. We offer services in the project life cycle. We provide a detailed description to stakeholders on activities that ensure successful project delivery hence stakeholder satisfaction and meeting expectations

We provide services for A business plan plays a critical role in launching a profitable and sustainable project. Great planning often means the difference between success and failure. We develop plans for a range of agricultural projects. These ensure the delivery of project outputs, project sizing and the realization of project outcomes.

This provides a blue print for the implementation of the project. We carry out an analysis that takes all of a project’s relevant factors into account including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully including discerning the pros and cons of undertaking a project before investing a lot of time and money into it.

If you are looking for investment avenues, we are able to guide you in relation to inputs and outputs of extractives sector operations or in terms of the relations between the different actors of the agricultural value chain.

Advisory services are provided with the aim to support undertakings identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas. We present our findings, conclusions and recommendations to the client for consideration and decision making.

Project management ensures the delivery of real value against business opportunities. Every client has strategic goals and we provide service to advance those goals. We initiate, plan, execute control, and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

Visual content is consumed massively in today’s society. We are able to provide you with video and audio content. We offer a range of nonfictional motion pictures intended to document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record, examining an event or person based on facts

An industry that feeds the nation and world overall is worth fighting for and protecting. There is a lot of misinformation and one of our goals is to provide accurate information. Our work road map describes the inclusive story of agriculture. We have acted upon many value chains at different levels in agribusiness simply telling the story of what we do every day. Making lives better, giving out the knowledge and skills for success, and helping unite and strengthen your community.

We cover a broad range of formal and informal activities that build capacity within the agriculture sector and for wider rural development encompassing higher education, informal knowledge and skill acquisition.

If you are thinking of starting your own business or venture, you may be thinking about how you will go about it, where and when. We able to assist you navigate your way in the different business matters. We can assist you to create, plan and manage strategies for clients, including various forms of support in advertising and other forms of promotion in the agricultural and agribusiness venture.

We offer Agriculture research studies. Scientific studies of agriculture that sometimes includes processes involved in health and disease but the sole goal is finding ways to produce more efficiently and effectively.

Tractor hiring-out by small scale farmers and medium-scale farmers is essential to achieving increased mechanization of agricultural production, hence structural transformation of agriculture in Uganda. Tractors are hired out to pull a variety of farm implements for plowing, planting, cultivating, fertilizing, and harvesting crops, and can also be used for hauling materials and personal transportation.

We offer Agriculture IT related solutions for farm management and farm project execution. Scientific studies of agriculture that sometimes include data collection, processing, presentation etc. Agriculture has greatly gone towards a field that can not function without IT solutions