We are an agribusiness service provider that offers technical, financial , advisory and management services across the value chain . We facilitate investments, developmental projects and key interventions geared towards profitable and viable agriculture . Our Clients include SMEs , Multinationals , Development Organisations , Co-operatives , Financial Institutions ,farmer associations and Government initiatives .

With over 30 years Pan African combined experience implementing a vast number of agribusiness ventures in numerous value chains we are your best agribusiness partner in africa to offer you quality and satisfactory services .

We contribute to global initiatives and platforms on key agicultural interventions aimed at uplifting third world , bottom of the pyramid communities and global development of the agriculture sector to achieve food and nutritional security .


To provide the best agribusiness professional services with efficiency and integrity to ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients geared towards increased productivity and agricultural development.


To make a significant contribution to global food and nutritional security.


Professionalism , Efficiency , Integrity , Innovation , Continuous Improvement , Accountability

Service Pillars


Agriculture in Africa has enormous potential to fuel economic growth. Through agriculture there is potential for Africa to feed itself, eliminate hunger and food insecurity as well as become a major player in global food markets.

Africa has been identified as the world’s food reserve and the last frontier of the global green revolution with Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa employing 70% of the population.

Africa has 60% of the world’s unused arable land and statistics show that growth in the agriculture sector in Sub-Saharan Africa is up to ten times more effective in poverty alleviation as growth in other sectors.

It is against this background that we offer an array of quality services to our clients to accelerate growth and investment in the agriculture sector in Africa .


We support a diversity of organizations that include;

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