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We are an agribusiness service provider that offers technical, financial, advisory and management services across the crop and livestock value chains.
Africa has the resources necessary for a massive expansion of agricultural production. As a result, there are enormous opportunities to improve productivity. With the right support and with increased and targeted investment, agribusiness, in particular, could be transformative for the continent and global community.
Our Mission
At Africa Agribusiness Services, we believe that building functioning agricultural value chains is integral to achieving a socially and economically empowered Africa. We are committed to the vision of businesses, communities and ecosystems thriving together. We work with all stakeholders to implement agribusiness opportunities that deliver economic, social and environmental returns

Service pillars

Access to Finance

Investment Management And Advisory


Skills Development

Food Distribution

Access to finance & Investment linkages

Bridging the finance gap and unlocking the growth and impact potential of small holder farmers and SMEs in Africa.

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Skills development & Agribusiness training

We cover a broad range of formal and informal activities that build capacity within small holder farmers and households imparting knowledge and skill.

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Agency & Advisory services

Advisory services are provided with the aim to support undertakings identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas.

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Access to mechanization & Project execution

We facilitate access to mechanized solutions such as tractors, silos, agro-processing equipment for our clients

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Research & Feasibility studies

This provides a blue print for the implementation of the project. We carry out an analysis that takes all of a project’s relevant factors project aimed at success.

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Farm management & Business planning

We provide services for A business plan plays a critical role in launching a profitable and sustainable project. Great planning often means the difference.

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We leverage our industry knowledge to tackle the biggest socio and economic challenges, including unemployment, climate change, gender inclusion, and food and water security.

To improve the holistic economic, social and cultural conditions of low-income rural communities, we believe that focus needs to be on the delivery of improvements to livelihoods, education, wellness and climate resilience capacity.
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30,000 +
Farmers impacted
40 +
Agriculture forums
1000 +
Farmer groups
50 +
Farmer cooperatives

Sustainability development goals

Our focus is on delivering positive outcomes across our five key service pillars. We effectively tackle the biggest socio and economic challenges, including unemployment, climate change, gender inclusion, and food and water security. These positive outcomes align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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