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Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes through delivering high-quality training and resources to farming communities.Smallholder farmers produce far below their potential yields, often due to poor farming practices and poor access to extension services. As a result, most smallholder farmers occupy a disadvantageous place in the value chain.This is where we come in. Our mission is to support, encourage and empower rural farming communities. We cover a broad range of formal and informal activities that build capacity within the agriculture sector.

We support farmers to access training, technology, information, and infrastructure. Training is critical to improving smallholder farmers' yields as it equips farmers with the knowledge and experience they need to grow a commercial agricultural business.To allow communities maximum flexibility in learning, we offer our courses both face-to-face and online.

Training Modules

Financial Literacy

Post Harvest Handling

Farming as a Family Business

Information Technology in Agriculture

Good Agricultural Practices

Climate Smart Agriculture

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